Meet us in Saudi Agriculture 2016 !

2-5 October 2016 
Riyadh International Convention 
& Exhibition Center

Constructions of turnkey poultry house buildings

For more than 20 years now, we have provided buildings with the latest technological innovations (including internet connexions) to suit each customer's particular climatic conditions and improve the performance of their farms. 


We can realize each tunrkey project for :

  • broiler production (floor and cages)
  • egg production (cages and free range)
  • rearing and breeding
  • wild game production (pheasant, partridge and houbara)

Bâtiment élevage de volailles de chair
Bâtiment élevage de pondeuses alternatives
Bâtiment élevage de poules pondeuses en cage
Bâtiment élevage ferme poules pondeuses
Autres bâtiment d'élévage